Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do you drink coffee for energy?

What if you told your friends...

                  " yes I drink coffee, ... made with mushrooms that
grow from plum trees in the mountians of Japan."  .....
and I love it!


Coffee...  we need it in the morning to get going! We need it in the afternoon to keep going...and if we keep on drinking it maybe we won't notice the wear and tear it is doing to our nervous system, immune system and adrenals,not to mention the crashes that leave us feeling drained and immobile...
Yes coffee CAN be a love/hate relationship... it was for me!

 I had no idea that YOU CAN have your coffee and your health too! That is until I discovered a great tasting coffee that is ACTUALLY good for our health, in fact it is not just "better than other coffee" but GREATLY makes a difference in a persons Life, Health,  Energy, and Mental well being. 

   OrganoGold's line of coffee is :

  Gourmet Arabica Coffee Combined with "The King Of Herbs"

  100% certified Ganoderma Lucidum Extract   (also known as Red Reishi, Lingzhi, yeongii, and mennentake.
 A once rare and very expensive herb found in the mountians of Japan only emperors and people of great wealth were allowed to have this elusive mushroom. Only in recent years , Reishi has been cultivated for common people and brought to america. Now the joy of coffee is combined with the healing power of Ganoderma Lucidum (Japanise Red Reishi) ''The King of Herbs''

This "Adaptagen" unlike most supplements has the ability to "adjust accordingly to the specific needs of the body" a very facinating thing to research . Here are a few differences for those who love coffee yet would like to try an alternative to the "norm" and/or make a Big difference in their health!

*Dehydrates the body
*Short energy bursts with crash
*Increases Anxiety 
*Exhausts adrenals and nervous system
*Acidic to the stomach 
*Raises blood pressure
*Has been known to dehydrate the skin

"Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma (Reishi) Mushroom"

*Hydrates the body and promotes youthful radiant skin
*No Crash, long lasting energy that  comes naturally from within ourselves (like when we were kids!)
*Reduces anxiety and enhances well being
*Repairs the immune system and restores it to its natural powerful state
*PH balanced
*Increases oxygen and circulation in all the Organs
*promotes a healthy liver
*lowers blood pressure
*Detoxifies the body and promotes healthy digestion.
*And much much more that you would just have to experience for yourself...

 For more information, product details or to purchase our Healthy coffee and try it for yourself.. 
It is instant easy to make and taste great. For a FREE SAMPLE of:  Black Coffee, Mocha,or Latte
 email your address to: Coffee4good@yahoo.com ! Try it once and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!
Please  request a sample only if you are serious about trying an alternative or making a difference in your health and wellbeing, if so... I will be happy to mail it to you free of charge:)
THANKYOU GREATLY for reading my Blog!

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